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While I wait for the official green light to my adventure and I face a couple of challenging months at work I start, mostly mentally and though excel, to plan about my Remote Year.

My current life will have to be packed, stored, shipped, sold and donated in the next 2.5 months and reduced to a luggage and a carry-on bag.

I have been reading about Minimalism and living with less for the past year or so, I have successfully applied the Marie Kondo’s methodology contained in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tyding up” and my mum can still not believe that all my stuff is still perfectly rolled in my drawers a year later.

Even if I am quite proud of my little but efficient steps towards a more minimal lifestyle, from a material standpoint, I was starting from so far away that I am nowhere near to actually being a minimalist.

This is one of the many reasons that made this Remote Year experience attractive to me, being forced to pack my life in a luggage and a suitcase must do the trick, right? Let’s see!

For now I’ve started to decide what I have to sell, furniture mainly, what I want to bring to my parents’ home, clothes mainly, and what I need to pack, books, kitchen stuff, LPs and other stuff. Most of the rest will be donation material.

As per my travel “equipment” after doing some research I have chosen my travel companions, that hopefully will leave up to my expectations in terms of light wait, comfort and durability.

As check-in luggage I chose a Samsonite Firelite Spinner 75, that is supposed to be one of the lightest of its category, and comes with a 10 years warranty.

As carry on, after debating a lot with myself and reading several blogs with suggestions and comparisons, I decided to go for carry-on backpack, with no wheels.

I suppose a bit for my love for Canada and a bit for a series of features that I was interested in, together with a more competitive price than the Tortuga backpack or the Minaal, I decided for the Standard Luggage carry on, that I am looking forward to receive sometimes next week!

That’s it for now on my packing plans, I just cannot wait to get started!!

PS. After testing my backpack for a couple of work trips I realised that it was too much for my back, I therefore decided to leave with another carry-on, that can be used both as backpack and with wheels. My choice fell on Samsonite Paradiver Light Wheeled Backpack – 55cm, that I am loving so far! I use it as a backpack until I’ve checked in the bigger luggage, and then I take the wheels out once inside the airport to release the weight on my back. I’ve also used it on side trip and it hasn’t let me down yet, not to mention I like its colour! 


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