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I’m lucky enough to have already lived in some of the most beautiful cities and countries in the world.

Last year, as recurrently happens, I started wondering how and when I will figure out what and where my home is going to be. When your life is spread in so many places, each of whom you can call home to you and to some of the most important people in your life, how do you figure out what home is? 

That’s when I decided to ink how important each of the places I have lived in for many months or for years after leaving my parents’ home have been. 

Each city has meant something unique and accompanied, by design or chance, a very different phase of my life.

Toronto has been my first family away from my family, and where I first dreamt in a different language. (Une petite pensée pour Quincy aussí).

Bologna has been my time to grow and become a person of my own.

Madrid has been the first time health and life have let me down when I least expected it. And my chance to powered through, one book and one sunrise churro at the time.

Roma has been my renaissance, pure fun, beauty and achievement.

Milan has been my stability, my longest relationship with a job, a man and a mortgage.

Paris has been my deconstruction. I lost a lot, almost everything, and myself. I have had the most fun and the deepest sadness and I have taken down my certainties brick by brick to start paving the path to a new me.

London has been my reconstruction. Where I woke up to remember who I was and discovered who I didn’t even know I was. 

And now? 

In the quest of my new home I travel the world for one year, everything around me will change every month: countries, cities, homes, offices, landscapes, flatmates. The only constant will be myself, my (still too heavy) luggage and my job. And well, a community of 53 strangers that will be my tribe during this journey and probably well beyond it.

So I start again, I start a journey that will take me away from everywhere I have called home, ironically from the closest place I have been to my parents’ home in the past 18 years. 

I needed to be Split in order to be whole.

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