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Before leaving for my Remote Year, I created this blog that looked more or less like I had imagined the collection of my digital nomad life and stories should have looked like. I didn’t have too much time to work on it as I have been working and traveling a lot, but I was sure that once I had touched ground and kicked off this unique experience the inspiration would have descended on me and I would have filled it with everything I had in my (imaginary) mind.


Communicating is my job, so why am I unable to share this experience with those that love me, hate me or are just dying of curiosity? Well I don’t know.
There is so much going on, that I haven’t quite figured it out myself. Everything feels so natural and unreal from moment zero, that I feel I need a week in Vipassanā to absorb each week of Remote Year.
So, first things first. Remote Year means, first and foremost, a new community. Or as we call it, family, because as your family members, you don’t get to choose them but you share some kind of DNA, in this case an urge for traveling, challenging the status quo and working from anywhere, #digitaldouchebag stuff included.

So, my RY family is called Kaizen, which is a Japanese word that means continuous improvement.

Now, those of you that know me at least a little know that “Betterment” has always been my favourite consumer trend, but also my motto, or obsession. I am a compulsive learner, with the downside of getting bored of most things as soon as I figure them out. Anyhow, my tribe’s name is “continuous improvement” and I didn’t choose it, it chose me, or so I like to think.

Ok, maybe now that I’ve “broken the seal” you might read me here again soon. See ya.

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